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O&M Power was invited to attend the symposia- "The Belt and Road" Drives Enterprises to "Walk out"-held by Xi`an Business Bureau
Release time : 2017-05-15 13:20:33

In the morning of May 11th, Xi`an Business Bureau held a symposia named " vthe Belt and Road"  Drives Enterprises to "vWalk out". There were many important persons in the symposia, including Gu Pingan-the director of the Department of Commerce of Shaanxi province, Yao Yong-the vice director of Business Bureau of Xi`an city, professor Zhang Yongchun of College of Social Sciences Institute in Xi`an, and relevant officials in Business Bureau, Trade Promotion Association, Conference and Exhibition Office. O&M Power was invited to attend and make a speech in the symposia.

The site of the symposia

As the first one to make a speech, our president Mr. Qu described the general information, history and development, management mode, and achievements of "O&M Power" in detail, and he shared his feelings and talked about the precious developing experiences of " O&M Power"  because "O&M Power" "walked out" earlier than other enterprises in this industry. He said, there was a great difference between the countries along the "the Belt and Road" line and our country in the perspective of national condition, culture, economy, political environment and investment environment. So it is necessary to " do lots of work"  before enterprises "walking out" to seek for opportunities to develop. Managers should pay attention to risk prevention, avoid bad investments; enterprises should realize the important role of high-quality language personnel when communicating with international businesses. Only the barrier-free communication can make sure the development and working efficiency of the enterprise who wants to "walk out".  

Managers from famous enterprises like XD Electric, Sinohydro Bureau 3 Co., Ltd., Central Asia Energy Co., Ltd. and Huashan International Engineering Ltd., all put forward opinions and suggestions in the symposia. They said:"We hope our government build a service platform for posting policies and information. In the platform, enterprises are convenient to communicate and cooperate with each other, and it can solve any menace from the "'rear' for enterprises.", "speeding up the process of handling the qualification of foreign trade transactions, simplifying the procedures of inviting public bidding and applying for a visa", "inducing market competition correctly, providing financial supports for enterprises " and so on.

The director of the Department of Commerce of Shaanxi province, Gu Pingan, stressed that the strategy to drive enterprises to " walk out"  is a inevitable choice for enterprises to follow the national " vthe Belt and Road"  strategy, an objective requirement to promote development of export-oriented economy in our city, an approach to develop enterprises themselves. He asked the relevant departments and enterprises to follow the next eight requirements.
1. Designing the details in scientific way, and making the goals clear;
2. Coordinating comprehensively, and cooperating with other departments;
3. Taking the advantages of external development to drive the internal development, and building up a mutual benefit and win-win situation;
4. Making a long-term layout, and then conducting it step by step;
5. Giving priority to economic trade, and investing rationally;
6. Respecting the market, and giving the first place to enterprises;
7. Advertising, inducing and coordinating correctly;
8. Paying attention to build up the enterprise culture.

It is reported that, in order to explore the new ways to cooperate with the countries along " the Belt and Road"  line, Xi`an government is going to introduce a new policy Three-year Action Plan for Further cooperation Between Xi`an and Countries Alone the " the Belt and Road"  Line and Driving Enterprises to " Walk out" , which plans the future from the global perspective, and it can constantly enhance enterprises' " walk out"  conscious thoughts and actions.

(Photo/text by Li Min)


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