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Safe Operation and Maintenance Start with Me
Release time : 2017-05-08 13:35:59

Safety in production is an eternal theme for power enterprise. "Safety First, Prevention Foremost and Comprehensive Management" is the fundamental policy of our country's safety production management, and "Safety First, Life Supreme" is the core concept of O&M Power. "Safety First" demands to fully implement the policy of "Safety First, Prevention Foremost and Comprehensive Management" by regarding safety as the basis for working to guarantee personal and equipment safety, stable production and economic operation. While "Life Supreme" calls for respecting and cherishing life. Ensure the health of employees and family happiness by safety production and make them enjoy the meaning of life and the joy of work.

As the shift leader of O&M Power PCPC Project in Philippines, I deeply feel a great responsibility for safety production. I must keep high alert and strengthen the safety foundation at all times. During on-site work, keep familiar with the operation condition of equipment by intensifying inspection, take preventive measures before danger happens, and take command of safety production and operation deliberately. Before takeover shift, I will carefully learn the operation condition of each post, go over the important work during the shift, think about the external factors, and then arrange the unit operation mode for each foreman of each post and make clear about work priorities. At the same time, make accident anticipation and preventive measures on danger point to guarantee personal safety as well as equipment safety.

Through competition activity of pragmatic and careful operation small index, we scientifically and reasonably control each operation parameter within the limited range in Regulations. On one hand the safety production, stable and economic operation is guaranteed; on the other hand, the online analysis on each operation parameter of boiler, turbine, electrical system and professionals is strengthened.  By gathering of all useful ideas, positive discussion with foreman of each profession, optimizing operation regulation method and putting it into use in each post after practice, further improve the economy and reliability of unit operation.

I must set an example and lead all shift personnel to strictly implement all safety regulations in power generation and enterprises regulations, assiduously study technology and continue to improve technical level. With unity and close coordination, strictly carry out on-duty safety management, operation management, economic operation analysis and safety production management to ensure no mis-operation occurs in shift and achieve the following targets:

1. The output of power equipment and unit is normal;
2. The unit operation is safe, stable and economic;
3. Power generating quality meets the requirement;
4. Improve economic efficiency, cut consumption efficiently and make unit operate in best condition;
5. Complete the command given by dispatching center and all production targets with high quality..

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