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Successful Completion of Indonesia Takalar Project On-site Training
Release time : 2017-06-01 15:08:56

O&M Power Indonesia Takalar 2 X 100MW CFSPP Project is located in the "Thousand Island Country" in Southeast Asia, Sulawesi of Indonesia. It is another significant power project of Shaanxi O&M Power in Indonesian international market to respond to the national development strategy of "vthe Belt and Road".

As the main construction work of the power plant came to an end gradually, Shaanxi O&M Power started its power plant on-site training to PLN trainees on March 24th, 2017. With the elaborate teaching of all on-site training engineers and the good coordination of all PLN trainees, the two-month training was brought to a successful conclusion on May 19th.

This on-site training was based on PLN trainees' class training in O&M Power headquarter in Xi'an. It was conducted by stages and specializations, and in the form of class training and on-site explanations according to the learning condition of each trainee. The training efficiency was improved by means of recording daily attendance of trainees and making evaluation on classes. Engineers of all specializations made teaching preparation carefully before each class, and made professional and vivid teaching contents. When giving lessons, they flexibly adopted various teaching methods and frequently made interaction with trainees, which not only helped trainees to master theoretical knowledge, but also prompted themselves to adjust subsequent training schemes in time so as to achieve the target efficiently. The unique teaching methods of engineers had been widely acknowledged by all trainees, and also made the entire teaching and learning process quite lively.

On-site training on electrical specialization

steam turbine On-site training

Indonesia is hot all the year round, with the temperature being 38℃ most of the time, so all personnel attended the field training were drenched in sweat. However, this neither affected the learning enthusiasm of PLN trainees at all, nor influenced the dedicated attitude of all engineers. There was an impressive story. Once a time when an engineer, Yang Junli, led trainees to learn the equipment and operation process of startup boiler in the startup boiler room, one trainee said that they wanted to know the inner structure of the startup boiler, as well as the arrangement of inner water walls, and upper and lower steam drum. However, the installation of startup boiler was basically completed then, and only the connection between the burner and the furnace was left unfinished. Touchingly, Engineer Yang climbed into the slim tube, toughly and slowly without any hesitation, to take photos on the whole inner structure of the boiler, and then showed them to trainees.

Boiler On-site Training

I&C On-site Training

Chemical On-site Training

After the completion of the training, PLN trainees expressed that they had a better understanding on structures and working principles of equipment involved in all specializations, startup and shutdown operations of systems and equipment, as well as emergency troubleshooting, and their operational capability was improved greatly as well after accepting this training. Trainees showed great admiration to the dedicated attitude and superb techniques of engineers in all specializations, and also highly affirmed and praised the hard work of all interpreters.

(Indonesia Takalar Project: Wang Yaping)


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