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High-quality Service Starts with Me
Release time : 2017-06-01 15:15:42

According to requirements by the leader of company after on-site inspection and research and New Measures to Strengthen and Improve Service Quality, a discussion and learning meeting named "How to Improve Customer Service Quality" was held in PCPC Project in Philippines, with the aim to effectively enhance employees' technical ability, further improve the customer service quality and earn more business opportunities for the company.

The following points are the discussion outcomes. Please point out and correct if there is inadequacy.

1. Cultivate the conception of service culture.
Service, as objective, is the important method to achieve win-win between enterprises and customers. With service value at its core, service culture regards "Create customer loyalty and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise" as objective, by forming a common service value cognition and conduct norms.
Cultivating the conception of service culture helps to build the team spirit, uniform the work objectives of all employees, make them united as one and inspire their enterprise and positive attitude to achieve the goal of unified objective and thought, action with same pace the excellence of individual and team and the unified development power.

2. Enhance the awareness of active service.
Adhere to the customer-oriented service concept and serve customers wholeheartedly. Through conducting education work on situation, make employees be aware of the current trend in power market, keep the development of enterprise in mind, further familiar with enterprise's strategic objective and management policy, and effectively enhance the awareness of enterprise management risk. On the other hand, by promotion of high-quality service, make employees know the significance, necessity and content nature of providing high-quality service, and have a correct and full understand of it.

3. Cultivate the employee with high quality.
In expanding power market process, O&M Power should increase the cultivation intensity on all types of professionals by means of progressive technology, and educate them on professional ethics and professional skill. Through conducting various types of technology and skills competition, build a exchange and learning platform for employees, motivate and give full play to the intelligence of employees, and push forward the enterprise technology progress and achieve the goal of talent thriving enterprise strategy.

4. Improve the incentive and supervision mechanism.
Improving the incentive mechanism should reflect the clear rewards and punishments which is motivation of business service with post responsibility at its core. It requires responsibility for the post, objective of the responsibility, evaluation for the objective and reward and punishment for the evaluation. Restriction mechanism should be complete, simple, feasible and convenient for implementation. By combing high-quality service and oversight, supervision and inspection, strictly punish the violation behavior which damages the company image. For the complaint from customer, investigate it timely according to corresponding process and appraisal method so as to standardize the service conduct of enterprise.

Practice shows service is the foundation of enterprise development. In power service industry with increasing competition, the enterprise must follow the objective laws of market, abandon the previous work style of “give priority and convenience to myself”, actively transform idea, recognize real situation, enhance awareness, constantly update service concept, enrich service culture and optimize service quality.

Service is an art and art is endless. As long as we have enthusiastic, careful, patient, sincere and modest attitude and public spirit, gain the understanding, support and move from general customers with fine work style, and show the good image of O&M Power from details, we will be able to make customers happy and satisfied, expand market with high-quality service and earn greater and more lasting business opportunities for our company.

(Philippines PCPC Project  Liu Bolin)


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